Sean Penn Girlfriends List

Sean Penn is an amazing actor who has acted in some fantastic films. Some of the finest roles include Mystic River, Goodfellas, Carlito’s Way, The Game, and Dead Man Walking. He’s also had some lesser known roles like Rebel Without a Cause, Man on the Moon, The Damned United, and Confessions of an Unwed Mother. Besides all of these he’s also been in tv shows such as Duey and Texas Rising, Frasier, The Firm, Living the Dream, Miami Beach, and Justified, which he stars in alongside fellow Hollywood greats like Goldie Hawn, Marilu Henner, and Cuba Gooden.


Sean Penn’s first film debut was the 1985 movie No One likes You, which was an award winning play film. Back in the day (1985), Sean Penn was just another actor trying to find his way in the industry, but his role in this movie became one of his most memorable performances. In this film he plays with Kevin Dorsey, a young man who ends up living with an abusive family because of a run-in with a cop. After getting beat up by the police, he ends up in a counselor’s office, where a psychic predicts that he will meet a woman who will change his life. The movie then chronicles his progress meeting different girls over the next several months until he finally meets Santa Monica.


Another of Sean Penn’s films that’s worth mentioning is that the equally fantastic Papillon. This is a true story of a puppy named Soumaya who ends up at an animal shelter after her family’s eviction from their home. When she is finally adopted by a rich Spanish couple, she’s taken under the care of a dog trainer called Mariana. While there she is trained to be the perfect pet, given the opportunity to be with her new family. As the film progresses, she gradually falls in love with her new owner, who are the star of this show, and the movie ends with her adopting her own son.


Starring as a played-up version of himself, Sean plays David Kleinfeld, a guy who had been formerly incarcerated on weapons charges. Then he returns to California to try to get a job in a drugstore. The first impression he makes on the manager is that he has a gun, then he begins to get into trouble with his ex-girlfriend who also works there. This is a tale of greed run amok, with the colorful addition of a bit of a love triangle between the ex-girlfriend, David, and his friend, Sam. Sean Penn also returns to his well-established best, including winning an Oscar for playing a similar role in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


One other great Sean Penn film which should really be mentioned is Dead Man Walking. Though based on true events, the movie focuses on the story of a young man (Mark Mcendale) who ends up walking around the graveyard for many years because of a mysterious curse that’s killed him. The best bit of the film centers on how his family is dealing with his apparently unfinished death. After some soul searching, the family discovers the curse wasn’t intended to kill him, but to frighten him, which causes him to leave town and go on a cross-country trip with his dog.


Another underrated drama movie that starred Sean Penn is Mystic River. This film focuses on a group of friends that end up in an ancient Indian burial location. Led by the great Michael Douglas, the friends discover an array of treasures and artifacts, which help them solve the mystery of the skull that is missing from the website. Although this movie did not receive an Academy Award nomination for best picture, it did win the Oscar for best director category.


Obviously, one of the most significant Sean Penn films would have to be Dead Man Walking. This is a true story of a young guy (acterium) who walks into a bar and ends up dying in the parking lot after being shot in the head. Years later, the victim’s family must find the individual responsible for his passing, while he continues to roam the world with the support of an eye doctor played by Christian Bale. Another amazing film that starred Sean Penn involves the Mexican film named Granada. This movie revolves around a young girl (Sandra Oh), who is kidnapped by a drug lord during a botched robbery.


In conclusion, Sean Penn has had an incredible career. He has picked up Academy awards for films that most people forget, such as Dead Man Walking and Mystic River. He’s also been nominated three times for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his roles in Good Bye, Miami and Edward Scissorhands. No wonder why people are still willing to pay to watch his movies now!